To record HTTP transactions for different origin servers in separate log files, you must list each origin server hostname in the log_hosts.config file.

You should use the same log_hosts.config file on every Traffic Server node in your cluster. After you modify the log_hosts.config file, run the traffic_ctl config reload command to apply the changes. When you apply the changes to a node in a cluster, Traffic Server automatically applies the changes to all other nodes in the cluster.


Each line in the log_hosts.config file has the following format:


where hostname is the hostname of the origin server.


You can specify keywords in the log_hosts.config file to record all transactions from origin servers with the specified keyword in their names in a separate log file. See the example below.

The following example configures Traffic Server to create separate log files containing all HTTP transactions for the origin servers webserver1, webserver2, and webserver3:


The following example records all HTTP transactions from origin servers that contain sports in their names. For example: sports.yahoo.com and www.foxsports.com in a log file called squid-sport.log (the Squid format is enabled):